WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2019)

Contents1 Results2 About3 Companies Tested4 The Products5 Methodology6 Test Configurations6.1 LoadStorm6.2 LoadImpact6.3 WebPageTest.org6.4 Uptime Monitoring6.5 WPPerformanceTester6.6 Qualsys SSL Report Grade7 Ratings7.1 Top Tier WordPress Hosting7.2 Honorable Mention8 Major Changes9 Costs and Price Tiers10 Notes – Changes made to Hosting Plans11 See The Results Results <$25/Month Tier$25-50/Month Tier$51-100/Month Tier$101-200/Month Tier$201-500/Month Tier$500+/Month (Enterprise) Tier About WordPress Hosting … Continue reading WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2019)