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Control Panels
Operating Systems
Phone - 24/7 cPanel CentOS Unmanaged
Phone - 24/7 Plesk Ubuntu Full
Phone - 24/7 Fedora
Phone - 24/7 Windows
Email - Yes Plesk Windows Partial


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Starting at $29.99
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postive reviewsPositive

GoDaddy Review By
Maya Thomas (@AskMaya)2011-09-01 17:09:51
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@GoDaddy you have the BEST customer service in the WORLD! Thank you for having such nice, helpful and smart people!

GoDaddy Review By
yongfook (@yongfook)2011-08-16 22:19:04
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13 out of 18 people found this review to be helpful

just bought a domain on godaddy and there was the option to round-up the total and give it to charity. such an awesome idea.

GoDaddy Review By
Ashley Smith (@TheUnquietOne)2011-10-22 16:08:26
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7 out of 9 people found this review to be helpful

Best excuse I've ever used for turning down someone's invitation for fun: "Sorry. I'm watching a URL on a GoDaddy auction." cc: @stammy :)

negative reviewsNegative

GoDaddy Review By
Molly Wood (@mollywood)2012-02-06 01:14:08
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I gotta say, between the elephant shooting, the pro-SOPA crap, and the dedication to sleazy naked-chick ads, @godaddy is Yuck of the Year.

GoDaddy Review By
Little Blondie (@_LittleBlondie_)2011-11-12 08:18:18
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56 out of 67 people found this review to be helpful

@mdvaldosta @GoDaddy #GoDaddy has a reputation for extorting their customers, Google search "Godaddy sucks"

GoDaddy Review By
Eugene Cho (@EugeneCho)2012-02-06 00:41:29
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77 out of 95 people found this review to be helpful

Dear @GoDaddy: Your objectification and exploitation of women disgust me. #HopeAnElephantStompsAllOverYourServers