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Linode has been providing VPS and Cloud hosting designed for developers since 2003. Linode has 9 data centers in 3 regions available and provides SSD backed servers in all of them.

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postive reviewsPositive

Linode Review By
Aaron Wadler (@aaroneous)2011-09-01 23:28:52
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@linode is that rare combination of quality + service + price. It's ridiculous how much better they are than every other hosting service.

Linode Review By
Ole Bendik Kvisberg (@olekvi)2011-03-24 17:04:29
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#Linode has been rocking my VPSes since 2004, and they still do. Extremely great service and value for the money!

Linode Review By
matthewjensen (@matthewjensen)2011-02-24 23:05:40
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@linode have the best support I have ever dealt with. Ever.

negative reviewsNegative

Linode Review By
Miso (@gomiso)2011-05-06 06:17:15
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Our service provider is having technical issues, sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, things will be restored soon. #linode #fail

Linode Review By
?riks Remess (@EriksRemess)2011-12-19 11:09:59
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looks like @linode London have DNS server problems...

Linode Review By
Anthony Oliver (@anthony_oliver)2015-03-19 06:28:15
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@PyImageSearch we switched from linode to aws/do a while ago and never looked back.