CloudWays Review (2018)

CloudWays participated for the fourth time in our WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2018). This review is based off the results of that test. This year CloudWays participated in the 25-50, 51-100 and 201-500 price tiers.

In years past it's been interesting to see CloudWays compete with the same stack on different platforms. This year is the furthest departure from that we've seen so far. It's also the first time CloudWays has earned Top Tier status for two out of three plans that competed this year. It's also important to note, the Digital Ocean plan was originally $70 when testing started but Digital Ocean reduced their pricing causing the cost of the plan to drop dramatically to $42 hence the competing in a different tier above (51-100).

The Products

Plan Monthly Price Plan Visitors Allowed Plan Memory/RAM Plan Disk Space Plan Bandwidth
Plan Sites Allowed
Vultr 4GB New York $44 Unlimited 4GB 60GB SSD 3 TB Unlimited
DigitalOcean 4GB $42 Unlimited 4GB 80gb 4TB unlimited
AWS EC2 - 2XL - USA N.Virginia $495.50 Unlimited 32GB Starts from 4GB (variable) 2GB Unlimited

Performance Review

Load Storm

Total Requests Total Errors Peak RPS Average RPS Peak Response Time(ms) Average Response Time (ms) Total Data Transferred (GB) Peak Throughput (MB/s) Average Throughput (MB/s)
CloudWays AWS 770,304 822 607.12 427.95 15,083 324 52.27 42.27 29.04
CloudWays Vultr 328,015 0 249.5 182.23 7,372 360 22.27 18.55 12.37
CloudWays DO 442,424 243 331.95 245.79 15,097 1,131 30.11 21.79 16.73

Sources: AWS, Vultr, DO

The Load Storm test is designed to simulate real users coming to the site, logging in and browsing the site bursting some of the caching mechanisms typically found on managed WordPress hosts.

The Vultr plan had no issue, the AWS and DO had a few errors but around 0.1% which is negligible. The big issue was Digital Ocean's response time started to increase as the load increased which knocked it out of earning Top Tier status. AWS and Vultr did great overall. With the price change, I wonder if the smaller test would have been handled better though.

Load Impact

Requests Errors Data Transferred (GB) Peak Average Load Time (Seconds) Peak Average Bandwidth (Mbps)
Peak Average Requests/Sec
CloudWays AWS 1049669 0 57 0.36 908 1990
CloudWays Vultr 335275 0 18.21 0.544 278 624
CloudWays DO 457906 30 24.89 1.92 312 702

Sources: AWS, Vultr, DO.

The Load Impact test makes sure static caching is effective so that if a page gets a lot of traffic the site will keep responding without issue.

AWS and Vultr handled it perfectly with zero errors. Digital Ocean had a miniscule 30 errors but an increased response time as the test went on. Great showing overall on the Load Impact test for AWS and Vultr.


UptimeRobot StatusCake
CloudWays AWS 100 100
CloudWays Vultr 100 100
CloudWays DO 100 100

Perfect. Across the board, perfect uptime.

WebPageTest / WPPerformanceTester

PHP Bench WP Bench
CloudWays AWS 8.831 266.5955745
CloudWays Vultr 9.616 346.1405331
CloudWays DO 13.421 135.7036233

The WPPerformanceTester results are normal.

CloudWays AWS CloudWays Vultr CloudWays DO
Dulles 0.312 0.33 0.328
Denver 1.137 1.305 1.101
LA 0.924 1.014 1.069
London 0.763 0.725 0.718
Frankfurt 0.816 0.785 0.819
Rose Hill, Mauritius 1.867 2.497 1.86
Singapore 2.281 2.163 2.25
Mumbai 1.65 2.287 1.646
Japan 1.578 1.613 1.573
Sydney 1.837 1.978 2.068
Brazil 1.1 1.195 1.172

The WPT tests look good. The Dulles test scores were some of the fastest, especially the CloudWays AWS server which was located in the same testing data center.


Hard work does pay off. CloudWays has been participating for years and continually has been improving. Two Top Tier awards for AWS and Vultr plans. The Digital Ocean plan unfortunately didn't share the same honor but it seems it was competing above its weight with a price drop that would have put it one cost tier below now.

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Kevin Ohashi is the geek-in-charge at Review Signal. He is passionate about making data meaningful for consumers. Kevin is based in Washington, DC.

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