WordPress.org Removes BlueHost + SiteGround and Relists Within Days

This story gets stranger.

You've probably read my previous coverage WordPress.org Updates Hosting Recommendations, Nobody Knows Selection Criteria and WordPress.org Hosting Recommendations Listing Criteria.

BlueHost and SiteGround were removed May 27 or 28.


There was a rumor that is was about modifying config files, but that was denied by Hristo Pandjarov (SiteGround Employee) who wrote, "we don't do nothing of the sort, the wp-config file as well as the entire installation is default including the themes. We have a plugin if you want to use the SuperCacher. We're still checking out why we've been removed from that page but that's definitelly[sic] not the case."

BlueHost and SiteGround reappeared today (June 1, 2016).

I reached out to Matt Mullenweg for a comment and was told:

"Temporary issues may cause recommended hosts to change at any time, but given the long track record of both I expect they'll be back. We might also try out different presentations and layouts there in the future."

So essentially, there's no new information, and even the web hosts themselves seem to be in the dark about what's going on.

People celebrated the removal of BlueHost and were shocked by the removal of SiteGround. But these erratic listing changes are exactly why transparency needs to be applied to the page. It's worth millions of dollars in business and is influential in one of the largest internet communities. But nobody knows or understands what's really going on.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress.org Removes BlueHost + SiteGround and Relists Within Days

  1. avatarBen D

    People are quick to assume things are some kind of conspiracy. Don’t know if we will ever know for sure what this was about. But, what was really strange is how this discussion on Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook was repeatedly cut off and censored by one or more of the group admins. I witnessed at least three thread attempts which mysteriously disappeared. And one or two of those folks from the group have disappeared (figuratively) too. Which brings us back to the central point – what is the big deal about this topic and why is there such an obvious lack of transparency here? That only aggravates the conspiracy theorists. One of those things that make you go… hmmm.

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