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Which Programming Languages, Frameworks and Databases are used at Web Hosting Companies

This is just a small piece of a hopefully bigger article analyzing what I've been looking at in the Review Signal data.

X-Axis: Programming Languages, Frameworks, Databases

Y-Axis: Web Hosting Company

Colors: The deeper the green, the more positive. The deeper the red, the more negative.

What stories do you see?

Interactive Graph of Historical Web Hosting Ratings

Since Review Signal has launched we've been tracking the opinions of consumers towards some of the largest web hosting providers. Some people frequently ask how often is our data updated? Every day. How often do the rankings change? Not very often. It generally takes time or catastrophic events to shift people's opinions. I can only describe it as a mental inertia or branding. But brands do change, they evolve over time and information spreads. Today you get a chance to look into our data for yourself.

Click Here to Explore Our Interactive Historical Web Hosting Ratings

Happy Staturday!

Graph of Web Hosting Ratings at Review Signal Since Launch

Happy Staturday!

I didn't quite finish porting the D3 / Rickshaw version of this to WordPress, so that users can explore the data themselves. So that will probably be next Staturday. However, I wanted to share a preview visualizing how the rankings at Review Signal have changed over time.

A few interesting points are this month, August 2013, you can see the four major EIG brands we track drop (BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster, JustHost). We see WPEngine come down to mortal levels. We see the rise of DigitalOcean. I will do a more thorough investigation when the interactive chart gets published.


[Click Graph to Enlarge]