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GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting providers in the world and is publicly traded (NYSE:GDDY). GoDaddy offers Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and WordPress hosting.

GoDaddy has participated in our WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks for the past 4 years and earned top tier status in 2013, and 2014 as well as an honorable mention in 2016.

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GoDaddy Review By
Little Blondie (@_LittleBlondie_)2011-11-12 08:18:18
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@mdvaldosta @GoDaddy #GoDaddy has a reputation for extorting their customers, Google search "Godaddy sucks"

GoDaddy Review By
Scott Hanselman (@shanselman)2011-05-27 14:34:42
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27 out of 31 people found this review to be helpful

I hate GoDaddy with the heat of a thousand suns.

GoDaddy Review By
Molly Wood (@mollywood)2012-02-06 01:14:08
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97 out of 123 people found this review to be helpful

I gotta say, between the elephant shooting, the pro-SOPA crap, and the dedication to sleazy naked-chick ads, @godaddy is Yuck of the Year.

negative reviewsNegative

GoDaddy Review By
Eugene Cho (@EugeneCho)2012-02-06 00:41:29
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Dear @GoDaddy: Your objectification and exploitation of women disgust me. #HopeAnElephantStompsAllOverYourServers

GoDaddy Review By
benhuh (@benhuh)2011-12-24 20:18:06
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51 out of 63 people found this review to be helpful

Not happy with @godaddy. Emailed CEO, asking for clear, unequivocal dropping of SOPA support. Still planning on moving off.

GoDaddy Review By
Massimo Banzi (@mbanzi)2012-01-08 12:51:20
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This week @Arduino will move its domains off @godaddy . We don't support SOPA and don't like to work with people who do...