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Site5 Acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG)

Endurance International Group yesterday announced in their second quarter results that they acquired Site5 and Verio.

During the quarter, the company acquired assets of Verio and Site5. The total cash consideration for these acquisitions is expected to be approximately $36 million.

Via MarketWatch.

EIG continues to acquire hosting companies as a growth strategy and doesn't seem to plan on stopping any time soon. The hope is that Site5, which is rated as one of the better companies on Review Signal, operates more like A Small Orange which was acquired in 2012 and continues to be rated very highly. Time will tell how it plays out, I will certainly be watching the data and trends.

That brings the list of EIG companies here on Review Signal to:


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Kevin Ohashi is the geek-in-charge at Review Signal. He is passionate about making data meaningful for consumers. Kevin is based in Washington, DC.

2 thoughts on “Site5 Acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG)

  1. avatarAhsan Parwez

    That is never a good news for existing customers of the acquired hosting company. I think the customers have been betrayed by their hosting companies and the owners of Site5 and Verio must know that EIG always degrades the customer support.

    I hope not to see both of those companies receive bad reviews.

  2. avatarDeepak Kori

    Congratulations to team Site5 🙂

    I just read the following reply of Site5 CEO on WHT forum. A perfectly reply to shut everyone’s mouth. But the story is different in reality. The decision makers of team HostGator/EIG may be extremely good, they must be taking good decisions but the fact is that they are falling short of resources. They have huge number of clients to manage but they don’t have sufficient skilled resources to handle the customers. There is high possibility that Site5 clients have to go through the same roller-coaster ride.

    Thanks! I wouldn’t have done this deal if I didn’t believe that HostGator/EIG would be an amazing home for our clients and brands! I was the first official employee at HostGator a long time ago , because of that I have a lot of friends at HostGator/EIG, and they are a fantastic team that is driven to constantly improve and learn. I know this forum has seen some rough spots and growing pains over the years, but please keep in mind that no host is perfect 100% of the time. We at Site5 have made plenty of mistakes in the past, but what matters is the constant drive to improve and learn. HostGator/EIG have that quality, and they are going to make a great home for our clients.

    Yep, myself and the team will be there for the immediate future.

    Thanks, Ben


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